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Vaping Products Contain Nicotine, a Highly Addictive Chemical. – Health Canada
Les Produits de Vapotage Contiennent de la Nicotine.La Nicotine Crée une Forte Dépendance. – Santé Canada


My Vape Journey

  • 4 min read

I’m going to share a little bit of my journey with vaping and quitting smoking. For any other adults out there looking for that way that they finally quit cigarettes, maybe you’ll find this helpful. Maybe it will inspire you to keep trying, be it… Read More »My Vape Journey

What the F&$K is E-Liquid ?

  • 6 min read

So today, let’s talk about e-liquid aka vape juice, e-juice. There still remains a lot of misconception about e-liquid and sometimes this prevents people from giving it a go to quit cigarettes. So let’s dig into it. There are broadly two types of e-liquid: Freebase… Read More »What the F&$K is E-Liquid ?

Vape shop near me

  • 2 min read

Sure in a pinch, pulling up the good old google and searching for a vape shop near me, should get the job done. However, if you are looking into a local vape shop that you are going to love, be sure to take a deeper… Read More »Vape shop near me